A domain - that was what I required for my yet-to-be-established web site. I had it all thought out in my head. I got a website design and web content strategy, I was aware that I needed a Linux hosting service and that I needed to register a domain name.

Asking Around Gives Results

My main dilemma was what domain to choose for my site. It had to be easy-to-remember, attractive, and, well, available for registration! I examined quite a few till I came across one that was free to register, but then I noticed the shocking price, as I had opted for a .co.uk domain name. These country-specific domain names are apparently more expensive than the widespread .com, .net, .org, etc. Top-Level Domains. With my tight budget, I simply abandoned that idea and began considering discovering another website hosting packages provider. I shared my idea with virtually everybody I could think of who got a clue about web sites and the web in general, so a friend of mine presented to me the site NTCHosting and said: "Voilà! Inexpensive hosting packages! And a free domain name!"

I Discovered My Hosting Provider! Hurray!

Needless to mention, initially I thought that he was kidding, but he wasn't. These guys from NTCHosting deliver affordable hosting packages - on shared web servers, which does not seem to be a concern when it comes to small and medium-sized sites. In addition, they are UK-based, and have servers in England. Well, not only - but also in the United States, Sweden and Australia, but what I needed was a UK-based hosting solution anyway. The greatest advantage, though, is that they offer a free domain if you sign up for a year instead of paying on a monthly basis! That does not refer to .co.uk domains, unfortunately, as they are registered for a 2-year period by default, but .com, .net, .info, .biz and a few other domains are available free of cost, so how could I disregard this free offering?

I'm Happy With My New Hosting Provider!

With the free domain and their cheap domain name and web hosting plan prices, these fellows tempted me. I did register and even came across a software tool that could assist me to create my web site - its name is Site Studio. A website builder with - I did attempt counting but lost count! - over seventy themes suitable for both corporate and personal websites. Well, isn't that remarkable? And the bonuses continue! I am one lucky lady! Well, enough twaddle from me, I should continue with the making of my web site magnum opus!

I advise you to register a domain name with NTCHosting.

TLDs 1-year 2-years with Hosting
.COM (Commercial) $10.00 USD $20.00 USD FREE
.NET (Network) $10.00 USD $20.00 USD FREE
.BIZ (Business) $10.00 USD $20.00 USD FREE
.INFO (Information) $10.00 USD $20.00 USD FREE
.US (United States) $10.00 USD $20.00 USD FREE
.EU (European Union) $7.00 USD $14.00 USD FREE
.CO.NZ (New Zealand) $18.00 USD N/A $18.00 USD
.ME (Montenegro) $23.00 USD $46.00 USD $23.00 USD
.IN (India) $11.00 USD $22.00 USD $11.00 USD
.DE (Germany) $10.00 USD N/A FREE

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